Alexis Portilla

Poet in Space

521 West 26th Street

June 1 – July 7, 2017

Alexis Portilla - Pale Fire, 2016 - Hollis Taggart

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965)
Pale Fire, 2016
Oil on linen, 68 x 72 inches
Initialed, signed, and dated: "a. p. / a. portilla / 2016"

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965) Afterlife, 2013

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965)
Afterlife, 2013
Oil on canvas, 84 x 120 inches (diptych)

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965) Sky Above Your Life, 1992

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965)
Sky Above Your Life, 1992
Oil on canvas, 24 x 18 inches
Initialed and dated lower left: "A.P. 92'"
Titled, initialed, dated, and signed verso: "sky above your life / A.P. © 1992 / A. Portilla"

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965) Cat and Canary, 2015

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965)
Cat and Canary, 2015
Oil on canvas, 18 x 24 inches
Titled, dated, signed, initialed verso: "cat and canary / 2015 / Alexis Portilla ©  / A.P."

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965) Vessel White, 1998

Alexis Portilla (b. 1965)
Vessel White, 1998
Mixed media on paper, 35 x 36 1/8 inches

Press Release

Thursday, June 1, 6-8PM
RSVP acceptances only 212.628.4000 or

Alexis Portilla: Poet in Space at Hollis Taggart Galleries turns a retrospective eye on the past two decades of Portilla’s career, tracking the artist’s interests in organicism and scientific thought through his layered compositions. His works contain an expressive sense of depth that is both wholly contemporary and suggestive of more established modernist methods. Portilla’s meticulous consideration of surface results in vibrating, active planes of color that interact in unexpected ways, creating what artist and mentor Will Barnet called “a constant sense of expansion.” Color in Portilla’s paintings is not mixed, but layered, often many times over. Scraping and incising reveal multiple vibrant underlayers and give his work an atmospheric feeling of barely-glimpsed space. In compositions that have evolved from earthy abstractions to celestial constructions, Portilla encourages viewers to investigate the intricacies of line, texture, and depth.

Portilla (b. 1965) holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BFA from the Pratt Institute. His work can be found in the collections of over 250 individuals and institutions, including The New York Public Library and Penn State University, and has been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States. He lives and works in New York.

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