64th Street Inaugural Exhibition

Strange Pictures for Strange Times: Depicting the Unusual

18 East 64th Street

February 13 – March 13, 2017

Fumio Yoshimura (1926-2002) Alger Hiss' Woodstock Typewriter, circa 1970s
Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) Untitled (3B-39C), circa 1950s
John D. Graham - Interior, circa 1928
Konrad Cramer - Nude with "N", 1949
Joseph Cornell (1903-1972) Penny Arcade, circa 1960
Joseph Cornell - Carrousel - Lanner Waltzes, 1971
Hannes Beckmann (1909-1976) Balance, 1936
Hans Burkhardt - Untitled (Cubist Composition), 1939
Oscar Bluemner - Untitled, circa 1914-15
Oscar Bluemner - Orion, 1936
Ralston Crawford - On the Sundeck, 1948
Ralston Crawford - Fishing Boat #3, 1955
Manierre Dawson (1887-1969) Trio, 1913
Blanche Lazzell (1878-1956) Abstraction (Violet and Green No. 3), 1932
Giacomo Manzù (1908-1991) Untitled (Passo di danza), n.d.
Alfred H. Maurer - Still Life No. 7, circa 1930
William Zorach (1887-1966) Birth, 1915

Press Release

As a sense of surreal uncertainty edges into the everyday, we thought it timely to mount a show exploring the dialogue artists have maintained with the uncanny, the visually ambiguous, and the weird. The works in this exhibition share an underlying current of aesthetic provocation, challenging viewers to reconsider their surroundings through an alternate, sometimes puzzling, lens. Artists such as René Magritte, Kay Sage, and Joseph Cornell have responded to political anxiety, personal crisis, and the small absurdities of everyday life with works that push the boundaries of form and subject. Their output rings true today, striking a newly relevant chord as facts are questioned and the unpredictable becomes the inevitable. 

A small selection of Modernist works by Hannes Beckmann, Oscar Bluemner, Hans Burkhardt, Ralston Crawford, Manierre Dawson, Blanche Lazzell, Louis Lozowick, Giacomo Manzù, Alfred Maurer, and William Zorach will be on view as well.

Our 64th Street location is now open to the public between the hours of 11AM–5PM, Monday-Friday.